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World Community Grid Status Update

World Community Grid Post - HPF2 Update, June 2013

Dear World Community Grid Volunteers,

As we stated in our last update, we are bringing the grid-phase of the HPF project to an end. The "post-grid" phase however will continue on in the Bonneau Lab for some time where we will continue to analyze the structures and dive deeper into the mysteries of biology.

We first want to thank the dedicated IBM staff who has made this project possible. I do not feel they have been acknowledged enough over the 9+ years of this project for all the hard work they have put in. They provided a fantastic environment in which we could focus on the science and the volunteers could focus on the computation. It is rare these days for a company to have such a long-term view on basic research and it has been an awesome project to be a part of. Thanks IBM and good luck to many future successful World Community Grid projects.

We of course also want to thank the volunteers and acknowledge your commitment to the project and dedication to basic scientific research. With your help we now better understand the set of RNA binding proteins linked to childhood obesity and AIDS progression. [1] With your help we now better understand how bacteria in the Bacillus genus including the causative agent of anthrax and several food-borne illnesses form protective coats that are resistant to heat, radiation and chemical onslaught. [2] And with your help we have provided new potential therapeutic targets for Plasmodium vivax, a causative agent of malaria. [3]

So we thank you, the volunteers of the Human Proteome Folding Project, for giving us the resources to do fundamental research into humans and our current global challenges. You have given us over 123,000 years of computation, a truly extraordinary accomplishment in itself. More importantly is what that computation was used for: better understanding the molecules that make up our bodies, our food, our diseases and our world. We also thank you for being curious, creative and innovative because without that, humans will never address the problems we face today.


Bonneau Lab

[1] The mRNA-bound proteome and its global occupancy profile on protein-coding transcripts
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Molecular cell 46 (5), 674-690
(Used fold enrichment and function predictions)

[2] The coat morphogenetic protein SpoVID is necessary for spore encasement in Bacillus subtilis
KH Wang, AL Isidro, L Domingues, HA Eskandarian, PT McKenney, K Drew, P ...
Molecular microbiology 74 (3), 634-649
(Used predictions as hypothesis for further experimental characterization)

[3] The Proteome Folding Project: proteome-scale prediction of structure and function
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