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WCG Status Update

WCG Post

[May 25, 2005 4:54:19 AM]

Hi everyone. I'm the scientific lead
at the ISB on the proteome folding project
and I want one more thing other than your spare cycles...

I want short, specific, questions. Ask me things here and I'll answer
them. I've been having trouble figuring out what you (the crunchers, the
volunteers) want to know.

In any case I want to explain what I'm doing, but a lot of the things on this forum are not questions. So I'm asking for help figuring out where to start,
Ask as many questions as you want ... hit me... the more specific the greater chance
I can answer quickly.

ps. I thank everyone who has posted articles and explanations of protein folding so far.

more soon,
Richard Bonneau

one more thing,
the place to start understanding the project is suposed
to be the human proteome folding web site that is a dirrect link
off of

does this page make sense? should I revise it?
what parts do and don't make sense.