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WCG Status Update

WCG Post

our work units are real, guaranteed!
[Oct 8, 2005 10:11:28 PM]

(to be read in the voice of a radio commercial announcer):
Many grid projects run out of work and resend redundant work units to keep their volunteers from migrating or loosing interest... NOT HPF! That's my promise!
How can we promise that? Because nature is Vast and we can be sure that people are always depositing new sequences into the database. Every workunit you get is real and is making an incremental contribution, shining light on a new protein and expanding the envelope of our understanding.

With this in mind (pause for dramatic effect here)...
We're progressing so fast that we're going to put one more organism on the Grid. In collaberation with the NYU center for functional genomics we are folding Arabidopsis (a model plant that is at the forefront of our(humankind) understanding of plant biology. In any case this will likely result in another 10k domains to fold and another big organism in the resultant database.

See these sites for more info:

SO, if you see some bubbles added to the top of this test-tube (or more test tube),
know that we are not doing anything fishy. This is not to say that there couldn't
be a disruption in the wcg, this is only to say that we will be honest about it (or at least I will in the context of the HPF project)...

ps. these are the oppinions of a sleep deprvived scientist