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WCG Status Update

WCG Post

status update from isb/nyu [Oct 21, 2005 1:18:42 AM]

We've started writing the paper and therefore have been cranking solid for some weeks. Lars M has the database in shape and Mike riffle is churning out the integration of the structure with previously existing function annotations. Everything is looking good. therefore i need to go to bed for a week.

we've had some good feedback from biologists using the beta sites and we're working on a less technical document for everyone who chrunches / wcg peeps.
in any case I'll think the ibm people want to turn this so-called layman paper into some sort of press release and hopefully we can put a link up here.

in case you missed last weeks status report here it is again.

We're progressing at a pretty constant rate now. With only a small fraction of the folding left and Dec-2005 right around the corner we've (Lars Malmstroem, Rich Bonneau, Mike Riffle :: at the UW and the ISB) been focusing on getting the results formatted for biologists. A prototype of the database is up for yeast and some other bugs and should be up for Human soon Thanks all you volunteers for cranking through so many proteins so far.... So far the average volunteer has folded 5 million protein conformations, most of which are upstairs on the disk-pack (not to mention the bazillion confs the scoring fnx has kicked out)!

cheers and thanks for crunching (we'll keep cranking on the paper to get the results out ... )

i'm off to NYU dept of bio/computer science in 5 weeks, so a lot of this stuff will continue while i'm there.