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WCG Status Update

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[Dec 19, 2005 7:58:18 PM]

Update from NYU -- the new folding central

Hi crunchers / volunteers with the holidays barrreling down on me I find half the people I need to make the grid work are going on vacation... so we set the grid to run (give it food and water) and clear out the disks so they don't fill up and then settle down to celebrate Festivus/Xmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/InsertYourRelligionHere.
A few things to say before we all check out for a week.

1. I've moved. I'm now a Ast. Prof at NYU dept of computer science and biology. A strange new joint appointment. In any case the HPF and HPF2 projects will not be interrupted ... (I've been a bit interupted by moving and then realizing that the west coast has whimpy winters and that now I have to drive in snow and things like that) In any case I'm settled into NYU and have a new set of contacts and a new website:
still in progress ... Work is still going on at ISB/Seattle to get the front end together/bullet-proof (Iliana). Also Dave Baker's lab and Trish Davis's lab have a member each working hard on this project (Mike and Lars).

2. We're continuing to crunch ... We've finished what we set out to do. So why are we still crunching? Because they keep sequencing new genomes and we set out to do a representative subset of 80 genomes. But if there is more time on the grid we'd love to do more things (over 200 genomes exist). In any case we're making the database more comprehensive with every new folding run ... covering more of the vast sequence space that is nature (or which we've sequenced a tiny fraction)

3. The paper is at a stage where we have a draft. It is going slow due to all the unexpected problems when you scale something up ~4 orders of magnitude. Also a lot of people have to sign off on the final product.

4. The database will be opened up when we submit the 1st paper.

as always, thanks for crunching...
more soon,

Richard Bonneau

NYU Ast. Prof Dept Biology/Computer Science
852 Brown

mailing adress:
Dept of Biology/ Computer Science
100 Washington Sq E
1009 main building
New York, NY 10003
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