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Feedback on Description of Research WANTED by NYU team
[Jun 25, 2006 10:29:48 PM]

A big part of this project that I love is the communication component. that it is the community participating in my work and that some of you then want to know about what we are doing ... i.e. want to know about the research [to those of you who crunch for crunchings sake ... strong love as well] but I-heart the idea that I can do a little bit more to explain myself to the people who are helping me get this part of my life's work done before I turn 100.

While HPF2 is still young please ask me questions about the bits of the content that are still too jargon filled or technical.

Also ask me to explain the parts of the content that are too devoid of detail ...

I can still wotk with the IBMrs or on my own website to get these additional descriptions, details and justifications out to you-the-crunchers... but I need feedback to help figure out the level of detail desired.
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